Smart Data Protection Solution for Your Business.

to KoṣDriv

Inspired by the Sanskrit word Koṣ, that means a safe box that stores valuables. Our solution KoṣDriv aims to help companies protect the data - the most valuable asset.

Companies are managing massive amounts of confidential business finance and customer data. As businesses are spreading across the globe and employees are working remotely, the need for safe and collective data storage is continously on the rise. Besides, there are a host of challenges for the companies who store data in-house on local data servers. Security breaches, loss of sensitive data or theft, and application vulnerabilities can negatively impact the business operations in countless ways.

KoṣDriv brings you a secured storage and backup solution, built using a world-class and reliable cloud storage infrastructure.

What is it?

KoṣDriv offers smart and secure workplace storage for businesses. We’re a proud Indian brand, helping Indian and Global companies to collaborate and share data seamlessly, anytime and from anywhere.

Our solution aims to minimize the risk of losing business data, thus preventing operational and legal complications for businesses. Business critical data must be handled in a secre and compliant way with the highest level of encryption. This demands businesses to rethink their data storage strategies.

With our security features and end-to-end encryption, your data is always protected and accessed only with proper authorization. Our affordable pricing ensures that enterprises have the best data storage solution as they migrate to the cloud and embrace advanced technologies for their business eliminating hardware expenses.

Features of KoṣDriv

Easy and Simple

Easy and Simple to Use & Understand.

Reliable & Durable

Ensure User to have Secure Access to Application, Data & Service


Producing good result without costing lots of money.

Access-Anytime, Anywhere

Able to access Anytime and Any location from any device.

Data Encryption

Protect Private Information, Sensitive Data & Enhance the Security.

Smart & Automated

Smart data capture & cognitive Automation

No IT Overhead

No extra maintenance to keep your business running.

Secured Access

Ensure User to have Secure Access to Application, Data & Service

Ransomware Protection

Protects cloud data from impacts of ransomware attack on local data